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• Intensive practical training • High job placement turnover • Skilled staff acquisition • Good client relationships • Youth upliftment through employment


We specialize in recruitment, training and placements of CASHIERS, MERCHENDISERS, DELI, BAKERY, BUTCHERY, and PRODUCE- FRUIT AND VEG DEPARTMENTS


We do customized practical training for companies and this includes training in the following aspects: 1. Health 2. Attitude 3. Public Relations 4. Customer care 5. Customer Relations

Job Placement

Through working together we seek to provide employment for the trainees at no cost to you as the employer as there is a training fee incurred by the staff and it is only fair that we provide them with jobs

Other Services

At Frenkenstein we are not only limited to training and recruitment, we also offer services such as: 1. Cleaning Services 2. Security Services 3. Construction workers 4. Transportation Services 5. I.T. Services

Profile Management

FRENKENSTEIN does not only recruit for its clients but also offers the follow up mentorship trainings to its staff. At Frenkestein we manage our candidates profiles on file, conduct monitoring and evaluation of placed candidates.

What we do best

Frenkenstein recruitment and training is a recruitment company that has a sole aim of bridging the gap of unemployed youth on the street and upmarket retail shops.

About us

The company is committed to the development of youth in the industry due to the skills shortage within the industry. FRENKENSTEIN has enlisted a mix of experienced, young contractors and staff with high potential, energy and capabilities to achieve their goals. In future the industry will provide greater opportunities to this emerging enterprise while our expertise and skills will provide an excellent foundation for their growth and expansion. As the company grows, it goes without saying that more employment opportunities shall be created across all sectors including community based organizations, women and youth groups.

Due to word of mouth spreading vastly throughout the entire country, we hereby ask if you could help us help the youth by recruiting trainees for you that we will provide and deliver them to you as per your request and requirements at NO COST TO YOU, SINCE WE ONLY SEE IT FAIR TO PROVIDE JOB PLACEMENT AFTER THE TRAINING AS THEY PAY A SMALL TRAINING FEE TO BE QUALIFIED...

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Frenkenstein has become the recruitment choice for most companies in KZN and vastly expanding into other Regions!!


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Frenkenstein has a dynamic team on board, thecream of the crop with industry related experience and ability to deliver


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CEO & Founder



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